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Sep 18, 2014 SEO for Photographers 0 Comments

3 Steps to Applying SEO to your Images



As a photographer, a large proportion of your website is most likely images. While it is important to make sure your text content is of high quality and keyword-rich, it is equally as essential to ensure that your images are search engine optimized too.

Before you upload an image to your website, there is a small amount of prep-work you should do to it. This small effort will pay dividends when Google picks up on your optimized images and starts to rank your website higher in web searches!

Size Does Matter!

1. Google considers the load time of a website to be an important factor in ranking. If your website pages load slowly, your site will have less chance of being a high-ranker. Therefore, it is essential to save your images for the web. That is, make sure they are optimized in Photoshop (or whichever photo editing software you are using). Images should be saved at 72 dpi, be no larger in dimension than your website theme requires them to be, and they should be saved “For Web and Devices“. Under this setting in Photoshop, you can reduce the quality of the image just enough where the image does not become visually affected, but the file size of the image is reduced . Once you are happy with the quality/file size adjustment, save the image.

What’s in a Name?

2. Name your image files wisely. Instead of uploading an image with file name IMG_12345.jpg, rename it to something keyword-friendly like fashion-photographer-ny-shoot.jpg. Be sure not to use the same keyword in all your images with a different number tagged on the end, though. Make each image file name unique, but relevant to your keywords.

Alt Text

3. Alt text is an html attribute that should always be used. If you use a WordPress website, this is very easy to do. In the Edit Media screen, simply fill out the Alternative Text field. Again, use a unique, keyword-rich phrase here.

Following these simple steps when uploading images to your website, will supercharge your website’s “SEO factor” and you’ll reap the rewards in Google searches!

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